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We can provide any type of used and reconditioned oil machines of any brand.
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Separatore Alfa Laval
Separatora de pulpa y huesos
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All maintenance and technical review are performed by trained personnel and specialized in the short term ¬ putting the customer not having to stop production for a long time, on any type of machine oil. » more information
Traditional Machines For machines that are part of the plants carry out traditional grinding of cylinder presses, pumps, repairs, lift, gears for mills, grinders grinding mills, as well as having several parts as a Brick, metal discs, gaskets for presses .
Continuous Cycle Plants On the continuous cycle plants are able to disassemble the equipment, travel, facilities. We also implement the work of turning, replacement of board, chrome, dynamic balancing of centrifugal extractors augers, disassembly, replacement parts ...
Assistance - Review - Parts We have a large warehouse with spare parts in stock where you can find bearings, seals, belts, motors, gearboxes, fluid couplings, PVC conveyor belts of any size, ferrite magnets, spare parts for pumps, seals of various kinds, and much more .